Privacy Policy


No personal payment data is held anywhere within the Furnishing Direct website nor is it recorded anywhere using any other methods.

Payments are taken using our PayPal account which is a secure method of payment.

Customer information that would identify you as an individual is not passed on to any 2nd party. All details regarding any customer account or account reference information is held centrally on our own systems for the sole purpose of sales and payments which is required by this website to provide our service to you as a customer.

You have the right as a consumer to request all information relating to your account on our system be removed or changed if it is incorrect and or may affect the functionality of your acount on this website  by contacting us direct on 0116 286 23 06 or email          

This can also be done via the account managemant facilities available to you when you log into your account.

Adequate security measures are in place to protect client information on our systems. The security levels are checked regularly on all our equipment using up to date viral and spyware applications.